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Little Find

Sunny Monday

Do we not like Mondays because it means going back to the
daily grind? Because we have to give up our free time for
something that feels like a constraint? Or is it because we
don’t like who we are from Monday to Friday?

Monday exposes (most of) us to a stressful time and a job that we might not like, or at least, not like the limitations that come with it. When it comes down to it, who among us hasn’t felt distress, from time to time, at the thought of returning to work on Sunday evening? It feels like we’re being deprived of our freedom. We need space for creative and useful action in line with who we really are, but that might feel impossible at work, given its oppressive demands and expectations… Let’s give Monday some credit: it’s making us ask ourselves, when am I really free? The weekend, of course!

Of course? We’re so used to being and doing what “they” expect that I have some doubts about that “of course”. Every weekend, in an attempt to escape the restrictions of work, we throw ourselves into pleasures. We go from biking to Netflix, from the last Marvel offering to a Pilates sessions with the crew, from brunch with friends to dinner with the mother-in-law… We fill our weekends with so many activities that it’s easy to forget how controlled our lives can become.

Why are there forums on “youth looking for meaning” or books like Emilie Vidaud’s Social Calling? Because what we hate isn’t Monday itself but rather, the feeling that we’re no longer masters of ourselves, that we’re no longer present in our own lives. Let’s acknowledge the value of Monday, the day that makes us reflect on this question…

Learn more: “You Don’t Hate Mondays, You Hate Not Being Yourself” by Drake Caeneus, (Medium, August 2018)

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Françoise Tollet
Published by Françoise Tollet
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