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Little Find

Staying Alive, the app that can save lives

Because the gesture is simple. Because the accident leaves you speechless, and the fear of making the wrong gesture paralyzes you. With the app Staying Alive, it’s easy to save a life. Download the app- now.

Imagine that Philippe in accounting (or Stephany in Sales – France) collapses: heart attack. The basic symptoms are easily recognizable. What do you do? Scream? Call 911 to the rescue? They will take an average of 15 minutes to arrive…15 minutes, although fast, in the event of a heart attack, seems like forever.

Alexandre Mignon, professor anesthetist, director of iLumens (a medical laboratory that teaches medical technics based on new digital technologies and various simulations, attached to the University Paris Descartes -France), designed a project that allows you to save the life of your colleague struck down by a heart attack in less than 4 minutes via a virtual experience. This 3D project initially developed with the help of Dassault, is named after the Bee Gees’ famous song “Staying Alive,” of the Saturday Night Fever heydays, whose rhythm is similar to the 100 beats per minute necessary to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The project was given new life thanks to an app that allows you – yes you! not a trained doctor! – to deal with such a situation. “While only 3% to 4% of people survive a cardiac arrest in France, in Seattle around 30% have survived, thanks to basic training taught at school and the massive installation of defibrillators in public places, at work or simply in the street. Heart attacks occur mainly at home or at the office and, in 80% of cases, without any medical personnel nearby … which means that everyone (including children) need to be trained.” Don’t wait any longer: download the app!

Source: Staying Alive

Available on the Apple Store here : Staying Alive App

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