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Start by retraining yourself first

You adapted your offices for social distancing and remote working at lightning speed, but what have you done to adapt the skills of your employees? If you want to prevent your top talent from quitting or languishing, training must be a top priority.

At the same time, you shouldn’t neglect this fundamental requirement: You must identify new fields not only for your employees but also for your leadership to explore and master. Here are five skills to invest in: 

  • Learn how to identify the changes that need to be made inside your organization. 
  • Highlight the context of the transformation projects and explain the “Why?” instead of simply rolling out the “How?” 
  • Be sure to maintain strong, high quality relationships within the organization, together with a sense of community that goes beyond workplace silos. 
  • Show particular empathy for employees who have suffered most during recent challenges. 
  • Develop your own resilience and learn how to take care of yourself so you can better support your teams. 

Above all, don’t miss any opportunity to communicate, explain and maintain informal dialogue as a way of reassuring your co-workers, who are probably worried about maintaining their employment.  

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« Why pivoting people is a strategic priority »

by Curtis L. Odom and P. McAllister (MIT Sloan Management Review, June 24, 2021).

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