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Little Find

So “always busy” works well for you – are you sure about that?

Do you make a point of staying logged on to your work while on holiday? Do you think about sending positive messages such as “I’m totally involved, I’m always there for my team, I’m productive in all circumstances, and… I deserve a promotion”?

Reality is cruel: you’re doing your team a disservice by giving them so little autonomy. You’re also a perfect candidate for burnout and, at the end of the day, you don’t get as many promotions as those who know how to stop! Although it may strike you as counter-intuitive, you gain more from taking a real break, even (especially) when your to-do list is stretching over the horizon. 

  • You help grow your team, sending it this positive message: “It’s OK not to log on while you’re on vacation”. This helps develop the corporate culture. 
  • Although you don’t have to pick an exotic destination, do choose somewhere that gives you a sense of wonder or amazement. Why? Because these feelings are good for your brain and help it function more effectively. 

Do you think you don’t have the time to do everything? In truth, what is most often lacking is:  

  • The ability to focus at length on one task at a time 
  • The ability to identify which important task to devote your attention to. 

Your agenda and your mind will immediately feel lighter! 

Based on

“Don’t let « busy » be your status”

by Ally MacDonald (MIT Sloan Management Review, July 2, 2019). 

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Florence Meyer
Published by Florence Meyer
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