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Share your leadership to unleash the power of the collective

How can you develop agile strategies and encourage fast decision-making without increasing the risk of fatal mistakes, costly delays, or burnout among decision makers? Business Digest presents the insights of Edith Luc into the development of the shared leadership model, which empowers all employees and is better suited to resolving such tensions than former vertical, hierarchical leadership models.

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The concept of shared leadership is based on the ability to amass and integrate a range of opinions in order to benefit from complementary input. Under this model, leadership is no longer the preserve of individual heroes blessed with exceptional qualities or charisma, or who simply hold formal authority. Under the shared leadership model, every employee can develop his or her leadership capital.

1. Reveal everybody’s leadership skills: The model of the leader as a solitary hero has its limits. To meet the demands of agility, complexity and information overload, the leadership capital of every employee can (and must!) be deployed.

2. Encourage collaboration: The second cornerstone of leadership is to create an effective collaborative environment, where individuals interact and cooperate without power or status issues and learn to work in harmony with a wider group.

3. Mobilize employees around a common goal: No matter how collaborative a team’s intention may be, it cannot express its shared leadership potential without a collective vision and a common project that stirs it to action.

Sharing leadership opportunity, legitimacy and responsibility with every employee multiplies the possibilities for creating value. What’s more, such an approach is one of the most effective ways to increase organizational agility and combat the inertia and passivity that can ossify large companies.

Business leader testimony
The collective reveals its power within the Global Learning function at L’Oréal. Managing her team and animating a global network of fifteen learning heads, Sylvie Dangelser has adopted a mindset of collaboration and co-construction to deploy the learning group’s strategy.

Based on Le leadership partagé by Edith Luc (Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, revised and expanded second edition, second quarter of 2010), La pratique du leadership partagé by Edith Luc and Meryem Le Saget (Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, June 2013), and the interview with Sylvie Dangelser, Global VP of HR-Learning, L’Oréal.

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