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Set the bar just high enough

Challenges and difficulties are a necessity for us to learn, find stimulation and motivation, and surpass ourselves. How can you find the right level of difficulty that lets you thrive without wearing yourself out?

Organizations today are experiencing a second pandemic: burnout. Make sure you fulfill these conditions first in order to insulate yourself while developing your people.

A challenge is healthy if:

  • Your team has the skills and resources needed to carry it out.
  • You allow your employees to make mistakes during the learning process.
  • Mistakes aren’t fatal either for the employee or the company.

Identify the 5Cs: once these foundations have been laid, delve a little deeper into the vital needs:

  • Clarity: the goals and roles need to be clearly defined.
  • Connection: everyone is connected to the goal, and everyone works collaboratively.
  • Consideration: every member of the team is accepted and their unique nature is recognized.
  • Contribution: everyone makes the contribution that matches their potential.
  • Confidence: normally flows from the previous four Cs and means employees can commit themselves without any worries.

It would be futile and impossible to try to protect your colleagues; instead, create an environment that helps them excel without taking excessive risks.

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How to Challenge Your Team Without Burning People Out

by Jeanet Wade, (Forbes, January 31 2023).

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