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September in five articles by Business Digest

We apply our research expertise to offer you a monthly selection of five articles that attracted our attention with their originality, relevance and/or in-depth analysis. Happy reading!


The future of enterprise, ParisTechReview
In this series of articles, ParisTechReview offers a well-researched overview of trends that will significantly affect business in the near future. The first two articles in the series are entitled “An identikit for tomorrow’s enterprises: how to stay sustainable in the turmoil” and “The advent of the ultra-customers”.

Why Managers Still Matter, MIT Sloan management review
Can companies function without managers? Despite the current trend toward shared leadership, this in-depth article spotlights the importance of organizational structure to business success. The perspective presented in this article is similar to that explored in The Org, a book covered previously in Business Digest.

Most People Don’t Want to Be Managers, HBR Blog
A recent study has revealed that the majority of Americans do not aspire to management positions. That is quite understandable when you consider that such responsibility is not easy to handle. To deal with this issue, companies must first gain an understanding of why their members are holding back.

From Blue Ocean Strategy to Blue Ocean Leadership, Knowledge@insead
Just as a blue ocean strategy can create demand in a new and strategically worthwhile market, blue ocean leadership is a means to discover in-house talent and potential. Blue ocean strategy inventors W. Chan and Renée Mauborgne discuss this idea in a series of articles available on the INSEAD website.

Are You a Conscious Capitalist?, strategy+business
In this op-ed article, leadership coach Susan Cramm explains how reconsidering her profit-oriented management practices enabled her to develop a more conscious approach to her role. This did not impede but rather boosted the success of the companies where she worked. A telling illustration of a topic we explored in the report “Why should capitalism be ‘conscious’?”

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