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Recruiting? What kind of feedback do you give job candidates?

A 2012 study carried out by renowned recruiter Gerry Crispin involving the 100 American companies most admired for their HR practices shows that 70% of these companies do not provide unselected job applicants with any feedback. The reasons recruiters give for this include lack of time or method and being uncomfortable communicating bad news. However, no feedback leads to frustrated applicants who retain a negative view of the company and often share this damaging perspective on social networks!

According to a Robert Walters study published in 2011, 91% of job seekers have applied for a job without receiving any response from the company.

The value of providing feedback
It takes time and energy to talk to people who have been eliminated from the recruitment process but it enables you to:
• Enhance the company image. HR gives potential employees their first impression of the organization.
• Boost HR credibility. Giving feedback is a sign of a transparent recruitment process, and it indicates that HR cares about the individuals that make up the organization.
• Improve the recruitment process. For example, producing a formal account can function as a way to ensure that candidates who come for second interviews are not asked the same questions as the first time around.

How to give constructive feedback
A ten-minute phone call to an unselected applicant is enough to ensure he or she retains a positive image of your company.
• Be descriptive and specific. Stick to the facts without making any value judgments.
• Treat people as learners. Focus on what a person can improve .
• Show empathy. Mention a person’s strengths as well as his or her weaknesses, and try to balance the two.

Business testimony :

At Google, the recruitment process has become a fine art. Members of the company receive regular training on how to conduct interviews effectively and how to write feedback, both for co-workers who will be meeting an applicant and for the applicant him or herself. An internal applicant management system enables the company to keep a record of interviews conducted and recruiters’ associated notes and/or comments.

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