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Reconcile performance and composure with My Mental Training Pro®

First multilingual library of audio and video micro-exercises (5-10 min) mental training, visualization and guided meditation, designed for businesses, My Mental Training Pro® helps you make better use of your cognitive and emotional resources to meet the growing demands of the working world, while preserving your individuality.

The app gathered renowned specialists from several disciplines such as Cognitive Psychology, mental preparation methods for high-level athletes, Mindfulness and Meditation, Relaxation Therapy, Auto-Hypnosis or NLP, to design exercises that are fully adapted to professional situations.

My Mental Training Pro® it’s:

  • 4 levers of development

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Exploit your creative potential to think “out of the box”!

STIMULATE YOUR CREATIVITY AND BECOME A FORCE FOR PROPOSING IDEAS. Think “outside the box” to produce original ideas and develop your situational intelligence



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Manage your mental energy in the long-term

Develop your capacity for concentration, relaxation and mental regeneration.



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Optimise your memory THANKS TO MEMORY CODING




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Improve communication and create positive relationships

Capture people’s attention and reinforce the impact of your messages, employ pitching techniques, create emotion and stay permanently rooted.



  • Short formats and immediate benefits based on advances in Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience and Mindfulness. Available on smartphones and tablets. Accessible via the APP on all media.


  • 100% effective!
    The health care specialist, the Epsylon Laboratory of the University of Montpellier has tested the efficacy of several of our exercises. The tests allowed us to assess the performance progress of 60 My Mental Training Pro® users, before and after carrying out the exercises.


And the results are very encouraging !

> 2 relaxation and emotional balance exercises produce a calming effect not only on how the user feels but also at a physiological level:
a reduction in heart rate from 82.5 to 79.5 beats/mn
a reduction in breathing rate from 16.6 ato 12.1 cycles/mn

> The cognitive stimulation exercises show that memorisation is greatly improved:
an increase from 4.87 to 10.23 words remembered in the right order after learning a list of 15 words and the working memory also improves fostering creativity and quality of decision making.

Do not wait anymore to develop your mental and emotional energy. From now, for each lever, listen to a sample audio exercise.


To read the article in full:

Think better, work less

Based on Penser mieux, travailler moins by Gaël ALLAIN (Eyrolles, January 2013) and his lecture given at the fifty-second HR Lab meeting organized by Business Digest and HEC Executive Education on March 24, 2016.

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