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Reasons for optimism

Are you skeptical when you see headlines claiming “we’ll never go back to stadiums to watch matches,” “we’ll never kiss anyone again,” and “we’ll abandon cities to live in the country”? Rightfully so! They underestimate our tenacity, and our ability to bounce back and overcome catastrophes.

The current climate is undeniably a stressful one, but here are three reasons for you to remain upbeat: 

  • Crises do not sweep all before their path; they just give that impressionThe reality is that they actually speed up underlying trends, and it is much too early to predict the lasting outcomes of this crisis. 
  • Even if trauma does pervade our subconscious for generations, don’t forget that the Black Death was followed by the Renaissance, and that we have all been back on airplanes since 9/11The need to connect is stronger than fear. 
  • Traumas are also an opportunity for growth and development. One study showed that 50 percent of those who had undergone a traumatic experience felt stronger after it and appreciated life more. 

Human beings are highly flawed, but we have staying power and we know how to learn from dramatic eventsOur determination goes hand in hand with our resilience. 


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