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Re-energizing life at work

Sophisticated corporate wellness programs have proliferated in recent years in response to ever-increasing pressures in the workplace, such as constant interruptions and demands, cumbersome workloads, digital transformation, and so on. While the benefits of wellness programs remain uncertain, simple and inexpensive solutions often prove to be the most effective — as long as they address the real sources of unhappiness.


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Re-energizing life at work


Based on “Collaborative Overload”, by Rob Cross , Reb Rebele and Adam Grant (Harvard Business Review , January-February 2016) ; “The Cult of Overwork” by James Surowiecki, (The Financial Page, The New Yorker, January, 2014) ; “Good Bosses Create More Wellness than Wellness Plans Do” by Emma Seppala (Harvard Business Review, April 2016).

Mehdi Ramdani
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