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Prepare your teams to meet their new colleague: AI

AI has long been associated with task automation and the demise of jobs. In reality, the jobs that disappear are the ones that don’t use AI. It’s time to disabuse your colleagues of their misperceptions. But implementing AI does require some preparation.

Are you beginning to be won over by the importance of deploying AI in your business, but it seems a very big step to take? Explore these courses of action: 

  • Demystify AI: If you find AI’s complexity scary, start by taking baby steps. For example, supply your customer-service department with a natural language processing program to help advisors interact more efficiently and appropriately with clients. You will gradually acclimatize your teams while reaping the initial rewards of improved service. You’ll then be able to take another step. 
  • Raise awareness. Train your colleagues – now, often and repeatedly. Skill levels for understanding AI are still far too low in companies. 
  • Think about behavioral skills. This probably isn’t your first instinct when it comes to AI. In reality, AI users really do need these skills, which help them incorporate AI recommendations into their decision-making in (for example) the recruitment process.  
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« How AI can improve how we work »

by Paul Daugherty, James Wilson and Sarah Green Carmichael (Harvard Business Review IdeaCast, April 2018). 

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