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Positive leadership: big bosses setting an example

Positive leadership has the power to change the world… Does that sound like wishful thinking? Something a free-thinking, visionary guru might say? But when bosses have experimented with positive leadership and talk about it, then we can change the entire galaxy!

These bosses include Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive VP at Microsoft, who has revolutionized his leadership style and method in recent years in order to inspire change – an enormous transformation project – in tens of thousands of employees.  

Courtois is also convinced (backed up by evidence) that if you focus on trust, empathy and well-being, you can energize your teams so that individuals, their organization and society in general all win. While many people talk about positive leadership (or have heard about it), few have implemented it or would know how to… which is why Jean-Philippe launched this collection of podcasts in mid-2021 with a selection of renowned guests: executives or researchers such as Pierre Dubuc, CEO of OpenClassrooms; Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO; and Dr Audrey Tang, a chartered psychologist and author.  

One after the other, all these individuals show how conscious leadership, mobilized by a mission, can generate positive energy that will help your team hit its goals while ensuring the well-being of every member and with a societal impact in a wide range of situations and sectors.  

Frankly, this collection of podcasts really is worth the detour! 

The Positive Leadership Podcast, produced by Jean-Philippe Courtois, Exec VP Microsoft and President of the Skema Business School, also co-founder of Live for Good (live-for-good.org), whose vision is to develop a new generation of positive leaders.  

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