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Participate in a survey on the use of social networks in your company for the Center for the Future of Organization 

Dear lecteurs,

The Center for the Future of Organization at the Peter F. Drucker School of Management is conducting a global project that investigates how companies and their leaders leverage social technologies for their business processes, especially in large and complex organizations. The OSML Global Index® will provide tangible metrics that allow companies to assess and benchmark their Organizational Social Media Literacy.  You can find more information about the project here.

We at Business Digest think that this project touches the core of 21st century leadership, and we encourage you to take part in this study. The survey takes not more than 15 minutes, and every respondent will receive a summary of the results upon request.


Please click here to start the survey.


About The Center for the Future of Organization

DSOMThe Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management strives to serve as a premier global hub for applied research and practical discourse on new paradigms of Leadership and Organization. In the tradition of Peter Drucker, we work across disciplines, combining conceptual depth with practical applicability and ethical responsibility.

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