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Pamper your sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential to your ability to maintain balance and performance. When your sleep is disturbed to the point that it loses its power to replenish you, what can you do ?
How can you ensure that you get quality sleep ?

Is it awful to feel like you have not slept wll or that your sleep was not restorative, leaving you abnormally tired over the course of the day… What makes it all the more annoying is that , in theory, sleep has many virtues. A good night’s sleep enhances attentiveness, increases your ability to manage your emotions, and improves memory and learning. What happens over the course of your days has an impact on your nights. Daily stress, over-solicitation and hyper connectivity can create obsessive thought patterns that you can’t help but ruminate on once the busyness of the day has ended. This disturbs your sleep, preventing it from being truly restorative.

This subject is a topical one, it is the reason that experts at My Mental Energy Pro (an app for well-being and mental efficiency at work) have recently developed specific exercise to help you maintain healthy sleep. This new collection, offers relaxing music, stories, breathing exercices, self-massage, relaxation, self-hypnosis, cardiac coherence, and many other exercices that are far more effective than counting sheep or lying awake mentally reviewing your To-Do list.

To find out more : My Mental Energy Pro

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Emmanuelle Meylan
Published by Emmanuelle Meylan