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Olivier Zara – an expert on digital transformation – joins Business Digest’s scientific committee!

Olivier Zara, an expert in collective intelligence, digital management and personal branding, has just joined Business Digest’s scientific committee. Olivier, who has been a longstanding contributor to our publication, will lend support on the management aspects of digital transformation in particular.

Olivier Zara is a is French Canadian consultant and coach whose interest in the impact of digital technology on business and managerial practices stretches back nearly 20 years. Olivier’s experience as a social technology entrepreneur drove him to conduct an in-depth study of the new challenges presented by digital and related changes in leadership styles. Olivier has been a longstanding contributor to Business Digest: he provided advice and support on the subject of collective intelligence in 2003 (when the concept was just beginning to be news) and in 2009 on the theme of personal branding.

Olivier is an author and blogger, with seven books to his name: The Tea Strategy, The Paradoxical Manager, The Digital Manager, The Unnatural Manager; La Méthode Synergy4, Le Management de l’Intelligence Collective and Réussir sa Carrière grâce au Personal Branding. Olivier is also the co-founder of 3-6TY, a consulting firm that delivers innovative solutions for developing business performance, with techniques ranging from new-generation 360° feedback (via tags) to using videos to share peer-to-peer knowledge (the internal YouTube concept); on-line exit interviews; and the Synergy4 method for harnessing collective intelligence (innovation, strategy, governance, engagement, complex projects, and so on).

Olivier’s mission is, in his own words: “To turn chaos into order and order into chaos so you can find a balance, where excellence in decision-making is not sacrificed on the altar of operational excellence. It’s good to go fast – provided, that is, you’re going in the right direction. This balance calls for innovative approaches that tip the status quo on its head. It’s easier to design these approaches when you’ve been trying things that don’t work for years! As they used to say in the TV cartoon show Les Shadoks: the more you mess up, the more you increase your chances of success!”

What’s on Olivier Zara’s desk?

Three research topics
1. Using collective intelligence for decision-making excellence (risk management in a volatile world and fun at work).
2. Leadership and management aspects of digital transformation (creating an experiential shock using the “Tea strategy”).
3. Leveraging personal branding for a more authentic style of leadership and identifying talent using tags (social recognition among peers to boost engagement).

Three book recommendations
1. Le Management du Troisième Millénaire, Michel Saloff-Coste, 4th edition, February 2005, Guy Tredaniel.
2. Cyberdémocratie, Pierre Lévy, January 2002, Odile Jacob.
3. Le Groupe de Codéveloppement Professionnel, Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne, August 2012, Presses de l’Université du Québec

Three thought-leaders he’s following
1. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO: @elonmusk
2. Pierre Lévy, expert in collective intelligence: @plevy
3. Frédéric Laloux, formerly at McKinsey, author: Frédéric Laloux

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Mehdi Ramdani
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