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Mixology: The right doses of remote and office work

The Covid crisis has shaken up the unity of place and time in your professional life: You work partly from home and your hours have probably changed. No one imagines a full-time return to the office. Instead, companies are trying to find the best balance between remote and in-person work, depending on the tasks to be carried out.

With more than a year of hindsight on our new work habits, we can cull the best from each method, by planning activities according to the time and place of work:  

– Reserve collaboration for office days. 

– Use remote work to recharge your batteries, by using, for example, the time saved in commuting for a hobby or sport. Don’t give in to the temptation to sort your emails – that won’t boost your physical or mental energy. Save this time for yourself. 

– If your work allows to schedule your own hours, tackle tasks that require the most concentration during times when you know you will be less in demand. 

– Conversely, use common time slots for tasks that require more coordination with coworkers. 

Experiment to find what works best for you and your team. 

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“Four principles to ensure hybrid work is productive work”

by Lynda Gratton (MIT Sloan Management Review, November 2020).

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