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Mental health is becoming THE priority for companies

The biggest topic for 2023 is the psychological health of employees. The CEO of Starbucks sees it as the key challenge for finding a way out of the current crisis. A survey of over 1,000 companies has spotlighted different courses of action.

Sick leave, resignations and absenteeism are not inevitable. Various organizations are successfully experimenting with initiatives that help reduce absenteeism, resulting in rates almost 11 times lower than the average. What are they doing?

  • They are creating positions dedicated to monitoring mental health.
  • They are providing more support than the help offered by health insurance, investing in sabbatical programs and parental support, and introducing greater work flexibility and the four-day week.
  • They are deploying initiatives that are simple but that have a strong impact on the atmosphere: authorizing colleagues to come to work with their dog, for instance.
  • They are providing mindfulness meditation apps.

 But the most positive results come from initiatives based on dialogue and listening: employees feel encouraged to say that they aren’t well without having to worry about being stigmatized. And you can start by facilitating a listening culture: the sense of security it creates will help you dodge a lot of problems.

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Mental Health has Become a Business Imperative

by Josh Bersin, (MIT Sloan Management Review, August 29 2022).

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