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Mastering the paradoxes of high performing teams

Do you face the challenge of building and leading a new team? Revitalizing a stagnant one? No matter the context, Robert Shaw invites you to consider the key paradoxes mastered by teams at cutting-edge companies including Alibaba, Netflix, and Zappos!


1. Robert Bruce Shaw cites Rob Cross, Rob Rebele, and Adam Grant’s article, “Collaborative Overload” (Harvard Business Review, January-Feburary 2016 issue).
2. See “What’s the problem with collaboration on your team?” BD°270, September 2016.
3. “Infographic: Why Your Teamwork Isn’t Working,” by Karola Karlson (Scoro, 6 April 2017).
4. See “Don’t give up! Why grit counts as much as talent” BD°268, July 2016).

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Mastering the paradoxes of high performing teams

Based on Extreme teams: Why Pixar, Netflix, Airbnb, and other cutting-edge companies succeed where most fail by Robert Bruce Shaw (Amacom, February 2017).


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