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Mariellie Rodriguez-Mundy joins Business Digest’s advisory committee!

Ex-CFO of Miller Electric and now founder and CEO of her own consulting firm, Mariellie Rodriguez-Mundy brings her expertise in finance, accounting, operational excellence, and culture change to our advisory committee.

Formerly the Chief Financial Officer of one of the US leading solutions provider of energy and information infrastructure, Miller Electric, since April 2017 Mariellie is the founder and CEO of her own consulting practice, the Mariellie Mundy Company.
Mariellie specializes in financial strategy and vision, with a focus on conscious leadership and the long-term alignment of stakeholder interests. She explains that much of her work involves facilitating conversations within the organizations of her clients to develop more conscious leadership and cultures. “A company’s financial needs and operational excellence are heavily dependent on understanding the complementary strengths of its stakeholders,” Mariellie says. “It’s about understanding the different value that you and all your stakeholders bring to the ecosystem and, with that lens, how collective decisions are helping or hurting the business.”


Welcome, Mariellie!


What’s on Mariellie’s desk at the moment?
5 resources currently inspiring Mariellie in her work include:

  • Books:
    • Profit through your people: How the human factor can impact your bottom line by Charles W. Coker (LT Publishing, April 2014): “A great read and assessment tool on who the human factor can impact your bottom line”.
    • Emotional Agility by Susan David: “This book remains my all-time favorite,” Mariellie says. “I am fascinated by the science of emotions and how it contributes to leadership agility.”
    • When The scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink: “Just arrived in the mail yesterday and it’s the book next in line to dive into.”


  • Gallup’s research on strength-based leadership : click here
  • Headspace App:”This mindfulness and médiation app is great for helping me to pause and step away, which is part of being an agile leader;” says Mariellie. “It is like that McKinsey article says, ‘Agility: it rhymes with stability'”.


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Caroline Schuurman
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