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Man vs. Machine at the Drucker Forum

During the Drucker Forum (November 29-30, 2018), there was extensive discussion about the relationship between man and machine. Everyone kept repeating that in the years to come, 15% of jobs will be eliminated and 60% will be transformed. How will we come out on the other side?

For many people, automatization seems like a threat. And yet, for a long time now, machines have been replacing humans in jobs considered dangerous, thankless, and repetitive. Call centers are among the most dehumanizing workplaces that exist today and, according to John Hagel, Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center of Edge, the day they’re handled by robots will be a blessed one for everybody. Hagel believes that artificial intelligence will let us focus on our emotional and social intelligence, imagination, and empathy.

Many adults have received an education that prioritizes simply obeying orders. And yet, children are curious, creative, and passionate. The Drucker Forum speakers emphasized that we must rediscover this childhood sense of passion in order to develop new skills that are fundamentally human. The Morning Star group, an American tomato producer, encouraged its employees to think about the definition of work. During this process, they redefined their goals and were able to identify problems that they had never taken the time to address, which, in turn, revealed incredible opportunities. Perhaps this is the kind of impetus that we need to follow to rediscover our passionate humanity.

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– “L’intelligence émotionnelle, un atout face aux machines ?” (Usbeketrica.com, December 2018)

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