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Maintaining your grit, even in a crisis

When everything seems to be conspiring against you, are you tempted to give up? You could be justified in doing so — and it’s an option that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. But check first to see if you’ve really drawn on all your resources.

1. Test your grit

To find out how gritty you are, take the test that Duckworth developed to calculate the grittiness of the adults included in all of her studies. Read each sentence and check off the box that best applies to you. 

Calculate your score: add up all the points for the boxes you checked and divide by 10 to receive your Grit Score. The maximum score you can achieve is 5 (extremely gritty), and the lowest score is 1 (not at all gritty). Use the chart below to see how your scores compare to others. (For example, a score of 2.5 reveals that you are grittier than just 10% of the population.) 

2. Draw on your own resources 

The stress created by obstacles or uncertainty can make you blind to everything but that which is threatening youThis survival reflex is useful, but it also robs you of the ability to check what resources you have available to youYou run the risk of giving up too soonMake sure you’ve really used all your resources: 

Excerpt from Business Digest N°310, October 2020

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