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Little Find

Luckless or riskless?

Do you tend to equate luck with chance? That’’s only part of the story. Luck is also derived from your ability to take risks, albeit measured, and create your own opportunities.

Tina Seelig shares three changes to make to increase your luck: 

  • Force yourself to take small risks in areas where you normally stay in your comfort zone. For some people, this might mean, for example, starting a conversation with the person you’re sitting next to on the subway. For others, it might mean suggesting a new idea in a team meeting. 
  • Show gratitude to the people who help you on a daily basis. Each evening, Tina Seelig thanks everyone she has interacted with during the day. This consolidates future opportunities.  
  • Break the dichotomy between good and bad ideas, and take the risk of working on the latter! Instead of throwing “bad” ideas in the garbage, save them, and try to generate even more of them to see how you could turn them into great ideas. Does everyone around you say, “That will never work”? Well, you may well be on the right track! 

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“The little risks you can take to increase your luck”

Tina Seelig (TED video, june 2018). 

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