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Looking to startups to boost your agility

Faced with technological breakthroughs and jostled by disruptive startups, large companies wonder constantly how to update their practices. The ideal is not, however, radical reinvention, but instead to combine their own inherent impressive strengths with the agility of startups. Some companies have adopted a novel approach of reverse mentoring, based on the exchange of best practices between “start-uppers” and managers of big groups. It is a quick, concrete, and effective method to transform a company from the inside out.


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Looking to startups to boost your agility

Based on an interview with Julien Masson, CEO of Whyers, Cyril Garnier, CEO of SNCF Development, and Christine Halliot, innovation vice president of Total Marketing and Services, October 2016.

Mehdi Ramdani
Published by Mehdi Ramdani