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Location, location, location

If you have employees who are new parents, you may feel they’re not as engaged as they could be. Maybe it’s because of the location of your offices. Since the start of the pandemic, they’ve attached much more importance to their living environment, to the point of refusing to relocate for a job.

The quality of their living environment has become the number-one decision criterion for young parents, along with belonging to a community where they can bring up their children – all of which becomes your problem when your offices don’t fulfill these criteria. When there’s a shortage of talent, you can’t overlook these priorities. 

– Give up the head office, instead opening smaller flexible offices where your employees and talent pools are located. 

– Create and maintain a sense of community at your company. 

– Be careful not to penalize the careers of people who say no to geographic mobility. 

– Give your employees the choice to work entirely remotely so they can choose where to live. Is this an expensive and complicated idea? Probably, but how much would a drop in commitment, loss of talent and lack of attractiveness cost? 

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« The new strategic road map for attracting and retaining working parents »

Teri Leavens, Kimberly Merriman, Tamara Montag-Smit and David Greenway, (MIT Sloan Management Review, 3 august 2021). 

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