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Awaken your inner rebel!

The pandemic encouraged you to rethink the importance you place on both work and your relationships. Perhaps you’ve decided to live and work differently. Make the most of this big shake-up to awaken your inner rebel: the brave, bold you who puts humans first.

Draw inspiration from these techniques of rebels who have had a positive impact on their organization: 

  • Listen to what really motives you, beyond the usual signs of success, such as titles, bonuses or powerful cars. Look for your internal signs of success – those that no one else knows about or sees. 
  • Without neglecting the financial impact of your actions, watch out for their impact on your entourage as well. For example, how can you get your colleagues to be more committed?  
  • Be brave enough to respect your own key well-being limits. No, you are not a machine! Speak up on the subject of work/life balance and help introduce it into your corporate culture. You’ll be doing everyone a favor. Don’t cut corners on recharging your batteries. 
  • Resist the temptation to be busy all the time. Looking like you’re busy is not a criteria of success, but a road leading straight to a burnout. Set an example: Slow down and focus on long-term thinking, creativity and innovation. Take a long-term view, even if that means going against the tide. 

Success has taken on a new look over recent years and, at last, rebels can finally find their place. 

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6 Habits of « rebel leadership » that most of us rarely practice

by Marcel Schwantes (Inc., 3 september 2020) 

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