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The employee experience index

Which companies are the employee experience champions? To find out, Jacob Morgan created an index for evaluating companies across 17 variables grouped into 3 environmental categories: culture, physical space, and technology. Out of the 252 companies indexed so far, the three winners (in order) are: Facebook, Google, and Apple!




Morgan’s research in 252 companies enabled him to construct an employee experience index based on 17 variables (10 for culture, 4 for the physical environment and 3 for technology). Each index was presented as a suggestion, such as: “You feel that your managers are coaches or mentors”; “The technological tools used in your company have been designed to suit the needs of employees”; or “You feel proud to show people around your offices”. Employees were then asked to score the adequacy of each item.

Morgan used this index to rank the companies he studied. Unsurprisingly, the leading trio is made up of 3 members of the GAFA club (Facebook, Google and Apple), while Amazon has to make do with eighteenth place because it under-performs when it comes to corporate culture. Two consulting firms (PWC and Accenture) and one hospital (Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital) are also in the top 15. Lagging behind everyone else at the bottom of the ranking is the US company Sears, accompanied by innovation champions such as W.L. Gore and the Gilead Sciences laboratory. All the indexes and rankings can be found on the Jacob Morgan website: thefutureoforganization.com


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Emmanuelle Meylan
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