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25 minutes of soothing music to help you fully concentrate on work… is it really all that helpful? We tried it out for you!

Stress, tension, anxiety, redlining, increasingly condensed sequence work, the feeling of running late – none of this helps your attention span and your ability to get the job done effectively. And the exponential sources of distraction in the office mean that the idea of uninterrupted concentration is a wild fantasy.
So, you don’t accomplish half of what’s on your to-do list, and your ideas are increasingly few and far between (and not very good)? And you have been hearing for years about the strategy and regimes needed to carry out full-intensity work shifts… but you don’t manage to stick to a strict schedule?
There’s no place for the “do-this-do-that” approach today, so here’s a little stepping stone to help you take the leap: an exercise. It’s nothing more than some soothing, relaxing music, combined (if you like) with some nice pictures of nature. Without even thinking about it, this will boost your ability to concentrate and remember things, while distancing you from sources of harmful distractions.

We tested it, and we’ve embraced it: music relaxes, with relaxation comes mental energy, which makes you more efficient, which makes you happier, which gives you a sense of peace and… the circle comes full circle.
Time now for you to have a go!

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Focus music – My Bubble

Focus music – My Bubble, Business Digest podcast series featuring music to help you concentrate, produced in partnership with MMEP, 2018

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