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Action Tip

5 tips to help you turn the unexpected into advantage

You’ve been dealt some hard blows during the pandemic. Yet even if yours is not a digital-first company, you can innovate and reset. Here are some suggestions, as well as questions to ask yourself.

Based on
Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage
Laura Huang (Portfolio, 2020)

1. Give a sense of direction, with humility

Don’t make decisions on your own. To find the right path to follow while also being ready for the unexpected, be sure to get your teams together to identify what you have to offer — and also potential setbacks. Ask yourself: 

  • Why are we here and why should people care? 
  • What goods and services do we provide? 
  • What are our constraints in delivering these goods and services? 
  • Can we change our business model to counter these constraints and offer even better services? 

2. Reframe the situation

When you’re caught in a storm, you may be tempted to give in and let circumstances overwhelm you. However, it is possible to take control and guide others’ perceptions of your business so it is seen positively, even in negative circumstances. Areas to consider with your teams: 

  • How do others view our business? 
  • What negative perceptions might some people have? 
  • What are the positive perceptions some might have or should have? 
  • How can we reframe people’s perceptions to highlight the positive and downplay the negative? 
  • Is there a way we can explicitly tell people what our business is rather than allowing assumptions and snap judgments to take hold? 
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Sono Motoyama
Published by Sono Motoyama
Sono is an American journalist who has been living in France for more than a decade. She writes for print and digital media and is a former Editor-in-Chief at the Baltimore City Paper.