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How to overcome smartphone addiction

Although your smartphone is absolutely vital in your day-to-day life, it tends to distract you (too much), and even hypnotize you, which has a mass of physical, moral, and social repercussions. Max Ogles, an expert in behavioral studies and an entrepreneur, has some ideas to help you control your addiction.

Smartphones are a revolutionary device that brings you closer to people who are far away and distances you from people who are right next to you. What a paradox! Ogles alludes to the phenomenon of technoference, proving that smartphones play such a pivotal role in our relations that they can actually damage them. And relationships aren’t the only area impacted by the overuse of technology. Your body is harmed by the repetitive movements you make when using your smartphoneInjuries, such as tech neck, can even be so serious that they end up requiring surgery. The addictive aspect is similar to substance abuse, and PUMP (problematic usage of mobile phonesresearch highlights the similarities. 

So how do you wean yourself off your smartphone? For one thingyou are besieged by information alerts that often aren’t really of much interest. Ogles suggests you start the weaning process by disabling your alerts and only allowing calls and texts. Furthermore, your smartphone use becomes excessive and inappropriate because you have it with you at all times and everywhere you goThe best way to reduce this harmful impact is to put your phone on a shelf or in your bag, and only use it when you really need to. These are just some of the solutions Ogles suggests to prevent your cellphone from becoming a literal pain in the neck.  


To go further: How to Stop Checking Your Phone Like an Addict by Max Ogles (Better Humans, April 2015) 


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Paloma Maranhao
Published by Paloma Maranhao