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How to manage a team that is (or isn’t) in the same room as you

How can you manage a team composed of on-site and remote employees – and some who split their time between the two modes? That’s the big question facing you as everyone heads back to the office. Here’s our guide to hybrid collaboration.

Nine out of 10 organizations intend to continue combining face-to-face and distance work once the health crisis is over.1 This flexibility opens up new opportunities for improving performance, attracting talent, motivating teams (who are asking for this type of solution) and cutting real-estate costs.  

Most firms think their employees will be on site for between one and four days a week, even though they have no official policy yet: 68 percent don’t have a detailed plan, global vision or management alignment on the subject.  

How can you coordinate new forms of cooperation while providing your teams with a reassuring, stimulating environment, regardless of whether employees are working in person, remotely or combining the two? 

Based on

Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere by Tsedal Neeley (Harper Business, 2021). 

Prepare your projects carefully  

Organizational behavior expert J. Richard Hackman says that only 10 percent of your team’s effectiveness depends on its daily interactions, while 30 percent of its effectiveness depends on the quality of your project launches and 60 percent on preparation.  

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