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People are motivated first and foremost by their own needs and desires. It is therefore impossible to effectively manage a team if you are not thoroughly familiar with what motivates its members and if you do not help them satisfy their wishes. However, in today’s climate of uncertainty, mobility, and even crisis, this is not an easy task.

How do you think people generally rank the factors that motivate them? Starting from the desire that drives them the most and moving down to that which they seek to gratify only after the others have been satisfied, select the classification that is most representative. a. Personal recognition b. Self-fulfilment c. Group membership d. Security e. Autonomy

a, b, c, d, e
c, d, a, b, e
a, c, d, e, b
d, c, a, e, b
d, a, c, b, e

Indicate the order in which a manager should deploy the following behaviors to effectively respond to the 5 main groups of professional needs. a. Help teams to thrive b. Give teams responsibility c. Highlight team achievements d. Promote team unity e. Reassure teams

e, c, d, b, a
a, b, c, d, e
c, d, e, a, b
d, e, c, b, a

Which of the following behaviors should a manager demonstrate in response to workers’ need for individual recognition?

Inform people about the rules of the game
Praise achievements
Express feelings towards collaborators
Notice individuals’ actions
Hold meetings
All of the above
None of the above

What behaviors should a manager demonstrate in response to people’s need for autonomy?

Give people choices
Define objectives
Respect individuals’ way of doing things
All of the above
None of the above

Which behaviors should a manager demonstrate in response to people’s need for self-fulfillment?

Encourage non-conformity
Facilitate team members’ undertakings, even if they go against corporate goals
All of the above
None of the above

To re-motivate someone, you have to figure out how motivated he or she has been in the past and how low motivation has fallen. You can then use specific motivation techniques to address what has been lost.

Start from the lower levels that have been lost and move up toward higher levels
Start from the uppermost levels and move down toward more simple ones
Neither of the above
Either of the above

When it comes to personnel management, how do managers lose their credibility?

They do not provide any motivation
They do not fulfill their team members’ need for security
They do not satisfy people’s need to belong to a group
They do not recognize people’s individual contributions
They do not fulfill collaborators’ need for autonomy
They do not satisfy people’s need for self-fulfillmen

What can be done to instill corporate teams with a greater sense of self-confidence?

Tell them you have confidence in them
Tell them they are wholly competent and possess the skills they need to succeed
Reassure them about their place in the corporate world
Tell them you are on the same side and share the same goals
None of the above
All of the above

How should you deal with people who start their professional career expecting to reach the top right away? In other words, those with an entrepreneurial—or intrapreneurial—soul?

Just like anyone else, for the dynamic of human needs is ultimately the same for everyone
By rapidly going through each level in Maslow’s pyramid to reach the developmental stage as quickly as possible
By following the Maslow pyramid in reverse order, starting with risk management and creative disorder and addressing the issue of security afterwards

Efficiency depends on defining rules and objectives:

Positively: informing people about what will happen when goals are reached or respected
Negatively: informing people about what will happen if objectives are not reached or respected
Both positively and negatively. Clarity is essential. People must be told what the consequences of their success or failure will be to ensure they not feel trapped.

Your results

/ 10

If you have less than 3 correct answers,

Your ability to motivate your team and understand its aspirations is weak, and your managerial potential is therefore similarly limited. You must build up your motivations skills, which are especially important in times of economic and social uncertainty.


If you have between 4 and 7 correct answers,

Your motivation capacity is satisfactory. You are able to keep your team motivated on a daily basis, however it would still be worth improving your skills.


If you have more than 8 correct answers,

You are largely capable of motivating your team and of handling a variety of difficult circumstances. Still, double check and make sure that there is no gap between what you believe should be done and what you actually do!