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Action Tip

How can you reinvent yourself once you’re out of the woods?

The world is unfathomable and brings us – and will continue to bring us – its share of more or less terrible events. Such events represent an opportunity to cross-examine your leadership and your strategy. Seize the moment and ask yourself the right questions: revise your roadmap, examine your role in the situation, and help your team turn the corner.

1/ Revise your roadmap

Crises are the opportunity to question your strategy. Given the changes inflicted by a black swan, is your project still the right one? Does it properly mobilize employees? Ask yourself the right questions:

Is the organization still aligned with the priorities of the project?

• What would you change if you were starting from scratch? What would be your markets, products, and services? What would be your key missions, your company culture, and your organization? Would any employees or managers be replaced?

• Why haven’t the necessary changes already happened?

2/ Envision a new course

Excerpt from Business Digest N°305, April 2020

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Françoise Tollet
Published by Françoise Tollet
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