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How can you make your team more agile ?

Improvisation in the midst of uncertainty … cannot be improvised. Teams do not thrive just spontaneously on uncertainty and complexity. Agility depends on certain prerequisites: a well-framed project, a true culture of collaboration, and the ability to learn from failures. These are the conditions that enable teams to improvise when necessary!

Fluid, flexible teamwork does not eliminate the need for structure. In fact, effective coordination and strong guidelines facilitate improvisation, providing the basic building blocks that individual team members need in order to take initiative.

1/ Identify individual strengths and set objectives

• Assemble the ideal team: Forming the best team for any given project may mean bringing together people from across geographic, hierarchical, functional, or even organizational boundaries — what matters is the specific skills and knowledge that each person will bring to the team, not their proximity.

Craft provisional definition(s) of team objectives and clearly define each member’s individual roles and responsibilities. Then, draw up a diagram of this information and share it widely to enable the team to coordinate and exchange information more efficiently.

2/ Open the lines of communication


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