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How are new recruitment trends disrupting HR?

Unrevealing, unappealing, and lacking social and interactive potential, the conventional one-page CV continues to lose ground to more modern tools. This shift raises some fundamental questions in the HR profession, as those involved must learn to find their way through the jungle of information now available on each and every individual and to identify talent more directly. Not to mention the need to get on the bandwagon and implement new trends like mobile recruitment.

New technologies replace printed CVs
Why send out a resumé that is bound to get lost in a pile when a simple tweet allows you to apply for a job? A tweet has the added advantage of connecting recruiters with additional information such as personal references and recommendations. In addition to the 140-character Twitter CV, you could introduce yourself memorably in no more than six seconds by publishing a video CV on YouTube. Displaying expertise in regular posts on websites and blogs is another alternative job seekers can use to attract the attention of recruiters.

Gambling on 2.0 recruitment
CVs are no longer the only means that job seekers have to present themselves, but how can employers attract the specific type of talent they are interested in? Many firms are finding answers to this question in social media. For example, Starbucks recruiters are trained to “social source” on Twitter, sustaining a dynamic talent pool through online discussions. As for Gild, this company has revolutionized the way it recruits web developers via a tool designed to uncover the best programmers around. The main component of talent assessment is peer evaluation on programmer community sites like Google Code, Github, and Bitbucket.

Make the recruitment process fun

More and more companies are looking to “gamification” for solutions to recruitment challenges. E&Y now holds annual competitions for young graduates around the world. The air force created a flight simulator iPhone app to connect with 15- to 25-year-olds. And, at the start of 2013, Heineken organized a viral campaign on YouTube in which viewers voted for the best candidate reactions to off-the-wall job interview questions, as filmed by a hidden camera.

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Based on “The New Résumé: It’s 140 Characters” by Rachel Emma Silverman and Lauren Weber (Wall Street Journal, April 2013), “Les techniques non-conventionnelles de recrutement” by Julien Tarby (Le Nouvel Economiste, April 2012), “Why the Job Search is Like ‘Throwing Paper Airplanes into the Galaxy’ ” (Knowledge@Wharton, February 2012), and “How Big Data is Playing Recruiter for Specialized Workers” by Matt Tichtel (The New York Times, April 2013).
Business Digest nº 240, october 2013.

Watch the video :
Heineken – The Candidate Entrepreneurs

In early 2013, Heineken decided to conduct and film outrageous job interviews and then post them on YouTube.

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