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Here are 5 not-to-miss articles published in May, which cover topics including geopolitical risks, digital strategy, and responsible marketing!

Here are five articles that stood out this month for their originality, relevance, and/or analysis. Happy reading!

Geostrategic risks on the rise, McKinsey
This survey by McKinsey shows that the share of executives identifying geopolitical instability as a very important business trend has doubled in two years.

The 3 Things That Keep Companies Growing, Harvard Business Review
What do companies that achieve sustainable growth have in common? Their activities are driven by what the authors call “the founder’s mentality”: they have a rebellious streak; they inspire a sense of belonging; and they celebrate employees who deal directly with customers.

Time to Accelerate in the Race Toward Industry 4.0, bcg.perspectives
How are companies reacting to the new digital wave shaping the ‘industry 4.0’? To answer this question, BCG carried out a survey in Germany and in the U.S. Even though companies have the same transformation pace in both countries, notable differences remain.

Manipulating Consumers is Not Marketing, INSEAD Knowledge
Is marketing pure manipulation of consumers, as Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein asserts? Hubert Gatignon, INSEAD Professor, takes up the debate to defend marketers. He argues that an efficient marketing can indeed influence the choice of customers, but it is wrong to affirm its objective is to deliberately deceive. Besides, any attempt to manipulate is sooner or later condemned by the market.

Monitor, Measure, Incentivize: Is Management as Simple as That?, MIT Sloan Management Review
Digital has been having a growing influence over management. This study conducted on 30,000 U.S. factories identifies the new practices that make management more effective for a better productivity.

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