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Green Book: taking a fresh look at difference

Green Book, winner of the 2019 Oscar for Best Picture, is a gem of a road movie. The film tells the story of a trip that doubles as a sort of rite-of-passage for two gripping characters, who learn to tame their demons by leaning on each other and switching between the traditional roles of master and apprentice as the miles slip by.

I was immediately struck by the very honest and moving way in which the two central characters were treated. I didn’t think twice about jumping into the Cadillac alongside Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen) as he drove Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) through the Deep South of the US in the 1960s, time and place rife with racial discrimination. 

The film, which is based on real-life eventsis above all buddy movie. It focuses on two opposing personalities who are forced to spend eight weeks together as Don (virtuoso pianist) embarks on a concert tour, and how the trip will change their lives forever.  

The differences between Tony and Don obviously create tensions between theas they travel together, but as thegradually build a rapport, these two individuals begin to not only admire and respect each other deeply but also to complement and enrich one anotherThey learn to make allowances for their weaknesses through mutual support, and both become more genuinemore balanced and happier human beings 

Green Book, which could be described as reversDriving Miss Daisy, won three Oscars out of five nominations: welldeserved recognition 

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Pedro Gonzalo
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