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Little Find

Go take a walk!

Feel you need a break? Find an activity that takes you away from your computer for just a few minutes – but not checking social networks or news sites, which may make you lose track of time. Get up and go around the block!

Walking is an activity that doesn’t need any preparation. It can fit in with the (limited) amount of time you have available and truly re-energize you. The internet is full of meditation and breathing exercises, it’s true, but do you really want to hang around in front of your computer even more? 

  • Walking – even in an urban environment – promotes creativity, helps boost strategic thinking and refreshes your attention span. If you can find a green space, it’s even better, since it will also improve your mood. 
  • Change your pace: Force yourself to walk slowly and mindfully, then accelerate so it affects the rhythm of your thinking. 
  • If possible, find a fellow walker – which is also a way to maintain your network. 
  • Exercise your curiosity too: Single out a tree, bird or monument you haven’t seen before, then try to identify it. 

Don’t think you have enough time to take a walk? All you need is 10 minutes to reap the benefits. 

Further reading

Don’t underestimate the power of a walk 

by Deborah Grayson Riegel (Harvard Business Review, 2 february 2021). 

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