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Getting perspective

Growing awareness of climate change and rising inequalities means that “continuing to do business as usual is no longer an option.” But can business change before it’s too late?

French-American author, innovation and leadership advisor, and long-standing member of Business Digest’s advisory committee Navi Radjou tackles the question of how business leaders are changing their perspective in a recent keynote. Navi explains what he means when he talks about changing your perspective by looking far, up, and down:  

  1. Looking far: achieving new vision by no longer limiting yourself and your teams to short-term economic growth KPIs  
  2. Looking up to find your North Star, your noble cause or purpose. Navi compares this process to that moment when you are in a plane, and the people on the ground look like tiny ants. The larger perspective that you gain thanks to your North Star is what enables you to reconcile opposing factors that have always seemed irreconcilable, like profitability vs. sustainability and men vs. women. 
  3. Looking down: paying attention to on-the-ground realities upon which the company is built, notably the company’s social and ecological foundations 

This isn’t just talk. In the video excerpt provided below, Navi gives numerous examples of top business leaders, like Isabelle Kocher at Engie, who are looking far, up, and down. Are you part of the solution yet? 


To go further : No growth without a conscience: New challenges for companies” (4:24 video excerpt of the 2019 Business Transformation Summit)

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Caroline Schuurman
Published by Caroline Schuurman