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Futur.e.s Festivals – An encounter with cobotics!

On the 14th of February, Cap Digital opened their doors to about 15 creators and their cobots. And Business Digest was there to learn more about collaborative robots.

The idea that robots could someday oust humans from work altogether began decades ago with the Industrial Revolution. This old idea was touche on during the cobots meeting, and it was clear that it will not be the case at all.
Cobotics (or collaborative robotics) produce robots that assist humans. By automating some tasks (such as those that are very repetitive or dangerous) and by taking over the workload, the cobot exists to make human life easier.
An example of this is the robot made by PSA Mines, which is already in use by some Renault chains. It has articulated arms that limit the repetitive movements made by the operator, which reduces sick leave that would otherwise cost the company nearly €1 Million per month.

Cobotics combine the cognitive, human factor with the robotic and biomechanical, and the results are clearly very far from human vs. robot competition. Like in the film F/XE, the cobot will be an extension of a human, to be used for more tedious tasks.
So, when will you adopt a cobot ?

To learn more about this meeting (in french only, sorry for that !) : clic here.

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Lena Gaffuri
Published by Lena Gaffuri