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Inspiring and impactful, our thematic collections are comprised of a careful selection of reports on subjects that our readers have identified to be of particular importance. Mehdi Ramdani, editor-in-chief, Business Digest

Our thematic collections50 pages of thought-provoking reading

Thematic collections from Business Digest: Benefit from the experiences of business leaders from around the world and their best managerial innovations by discovering how they can inspire your own business!

Thematic collections of 5 reports

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Increasing operational efficiency

  • Overcoming the obstacles to collective intelligence
  • Agility: Transform your organization into a team of teams
  • Reconnecting with simplicity. It is time to break free from complexity
  • Are processes and agility compatible?
  • Why do we still need the organization ?
  • How to spread excellence in your company
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Putting customers at the heart of strategy

  • Creating an exceptional customer experience
  • How to keep your customers hooked
  • Customers: a sustainable competitive advantage
  • How to win customer trust
  • Are you in touch with your customers?
  • Gamification. Should work be like play?
  • Ethical buying: How to Educate Consumers
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… How to Optimize Marketing 2.0 ROI
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Developing strategic agility

  • Strategic Agility: challenging value creation
  • The uberization of your business
  • Adapt your strategy to your environment
  • Fast Strategy
  • Leading with transitory competitive advantages
  • Plan B: One strategy, different trajectories
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Fostering healthy work relationships

  • Defusing toxic behavior
  • Re-energizing life at work
  • Transforming conflict into a source of inspiration
  • Beating destructive attitudes
  • Why so serious? Put a little fun in your organization!
  • NO bullying in the workplace!
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Managing my priorities, my time and my energy

  • Why you shouldn’t look up to the “sleepless elite”
  • Think better, work less
  • Save your time and energy for what counts!
  • Distracted? Learn how to (re)focus
  • Calm, Discernement and effectiveness under pressure
  • Why waste your time in meetings?
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