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Our quizzes are educational tools designed to help you probe leadership and management issues. Inspired by our work as an observatory and collaborations with experts and authors, these quizzes are designed to provoke reflection and discussion (rather than to serve as formal self-assessment tools). In eight short questions, rouse yourself to think more deeply about subjects that, perhaps, you hadn’t even thought to wonder about before!

Is your team united?

Team united

Simon Sinek explains that a trusting environment naturally leads to collaborative working. The most successful teams over the long term have managers who have succeeded in creating a strong “circle of safety” that fosters engagement and wellbeing. To know if your teams have the virtues to be united take the quiz !

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Is hell (really) other people?

Hell other people

Allowing others to push you into dealing with their resentments and negative emotions is tantamount to turning yourself into a garbage dump.The trick is to find the right attitude to avoid these garbage trucks … and avoid becoming one yourself. What do you need to keep bearers of negative energy from interfering with the operations of a team? Collective brainstorming, collaboration, listening, and feedback are all useful ways to maintain the trust that keeps the troops united. Take the quiz

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Why reinvent your leadership?

leadership businessman

How can we take better advantage of collective intelligence? Holacracy is an inspiring model whereby people have roles instead of titles; instead of hierarchy, there are circles of accountability. And, instead of rigid organizational structures, there is continual evolution. Are you ready?

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Are you a multitasking champion?

Multitasking businessman

Each year in the United States alone, distraction costs around $1 trillion in lost productivity. According to Gary Keller, though, it is possible to learn to strengthen our ability to focus!

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Do you need to simplify?

Structure and roles are given precedence over strategy; managerial practices are demotivating employees; the offer is so huge that clients and salespeople are confused… STOP! Why not simplify?

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Do you believe rumors?

In business, rumors, hearsay, secrets, and criticism all translate as wasted time and energy. Furthermore, no company, even the most transparent, is completely immune to strategic conniving, especially during troubled times. What can be done to expose and stop this type of harmful behavior?

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How to make decisions under pressure

How can we be fully effective when time becomes a scarce resource and the non-stop flow of demands prevents us from taking a step back? Without distance there can be no discernment, and without discernment, how can good long-term decisions be made?

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Do you have a sense of urgency?

Urgency seems to permeate every aspect of today’s speed-driven society. Coping with constant rush has become the norm. And yet, a general malaise in the professional world indicates the conflict between human and mechanized tempos, as the pressures of wealth creation create ever more profound disconnects between natural human rhythms and working hours.

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