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Prospective et stratégie  :  Technolgies de l'Information

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Six vital skills for 2.0 leadership

N° 237, June 2013

Based on, among others, “Six social-media skills every leader needs” by Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton (McKinsey Quarterly, February 2013) and “Les nouvelles technos ne détruisent pas le cerveau, elles s’y adaptent” by Hubert Guillaud (Le Monde, March 2013), The End of Leadership by Barbara Kellerman (HarperBusiness, April 2012) and the interview with Zachary Rosenberg, EVP Chief Growth Officer, Horizon Media, May 2013.

The impact of smart cities on people and organizations

N° 237, June 2013

Based on “Les trois visages de la ville 2.0” (ParisTech Review, May 2012), “No one likes a city that’s too smart” by Richard Sennett (The Guardian, December 2012), “One Building, One City: World’s tallest prefab, Sky City, is breaking ground in June” by Lloyd Alter (Treehugger, May 2013), and “A vision of smarter cities: How cities can lead the way into a prosperous and sustainable future” (IBM, 2009).

Big data: does bigger always mean better?

N° 229, September 2012

Based on “Why Detailed Data Is As Important As Big Data” by Sam Ransbotham (MIT Sloan Management Review, April 2012); “Make Data Work Throughout Your Organization” by Thomas C. Redman (Harvard Business Review, January 2012); “Six Provocations for Big Data” by Danah Boyd and Kate Crawford (Oxford Internet Institute, September 2011); “In Defense of Small Datas” by Caribou Honig (Forbes, March 2012); “The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision-Making” (Capgemini survey, June 2012); and “Big Data: Driving Adoption Across Europe” (IDC survey, June 2012).

Mobile Revolution

N° 226, May 2012

Based, among others, on The Impulse Economy: Understanding Mobile Shoppers and What Makes Them Buy by Gary Schwartz (Atria Books, November 2011) and “If you love something, let it go mobile: Mobile marketing and mobile social media” by Andreas M. Kaplan (Business Horizons, March 2012) and the case “Sephora Direct: Investing in Social Media, Video, and Mobile” by Elie Ofek and Alison Berkley Wagonfeld (Harvard Business School, June 2011).

Gamification: Should work be like play?

N° 223, February 2012

Based on “Le management saisi par les jeux” by Kevin Werbach, Rajat Paharia and Daniel Debow, December 2011 (, “Gamification is here to stay” by Gabe Zichermann, April 2011 ( and other sources.

Social Media: From a Fad to Your Own 2.0 Strategy

N° 220, October 2011

A synthesis of several publications, accompanied by interviews with Jérôme Colombe, head of Web Governance — Corporate Marketing & Communication at Alcatel Lucent, and Joakim Nilsson, head of social media, Betclic Everest Group, September 2011.

Social Media: Avoid the pitfalls and seize the opportunities!

N° 220, October 2011

Based on Le média humain : dangers et opportunités des réseaux sociaux pour l’entreprise by Ludovic Boursin and Laetitia Puyfaucher (Eyrolles, 2011); “Five Social Media Lessons for Business” by Brad Shaw (BusinessWeek, September 2011) and “Réalité de l’utilisation d’Internet au bureau” (Olféo, 2011).

Corporate Learning 2.0: Informal and New Technologies Enabled

N° 211, November 2010

Informal learning tools can help employees attain their development objectives. On one condition: being user-oriented and aligned with clearly identified needs. A synthesis of several publications, accompanied by interviews with Steve Fiehl, associate director in charge of content and deployment strategy at CrossKnowledge, and Mithra Sarrafi, strategic planning department, MMA Insurance, November 2010.

Serious Games: The New Way to Rally the Troops

N° 206, May 2010

Online games draw many into unusually intense and sustained engagement. How can your organization put them to profitable use? Based on Total Engagement, by Byron Reeves and J. Leighton Read (Harvard Business Press, November 2009), and on tnterviews with Maria Outters, vice president of human resources development, Sodexo, Adam Charlesworth, director of the Sodexo Management Institute, and Annette Philippaux, director of training methods and design, BNP Paribas Group, April 2010.

References : 79     Page : 8 / 8