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Efficacité opérationnelle  :  Méthodes

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Does Design Thinking enhance strategy?

N° 264, March 2016

Based on «Design Thinking Comes of Age» by Jon Kolko (Harvard Business Review, 2015); «Vers la mort du design thinking?» by Jean-Pierre Léac (Les Cahiers de l’Innovation, 2015); « IBM’s Got a Plan to Bring Design Thinking to Big Business» by Liz Stinson (Wired, 2016); and «Design Thinking is a Failed Experiment. So what’s Next?» by Bruce Nussbaum (, 2011).

Superforecasting: The Art & Science of Prediction

N° 264, March 2016

Based on the book Superforecasting: The Art & Science of Prediction by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner (Random House Books, October 2015).

Is budgeting just slowing you down?

N° 259, September 2015

Based on an interview with Sebastian Becker, “How to Abandon Budgets For the Good of the Company,” (Knowledge@HEC, February 2015), and “When Organisations Deinstitutionalize Control Practices: A Multiple-Case Study of Budget Abandonment,” by Sebastian Becker (European Accounting Review, December 2014, vol.23, N°4, pp.593-623).

Are process and agility compatible?

N° 241, November 2013

Based on Piloter par les processus: La meilleure méthode pour transformer l’entreprise and accroître les résultats by Michel Raquin and Hugues Morley-Pegge (Maxima, March 2009) and an interview with Michel Raquin (October 2013) and the interview with Alexandra Gailliard, Director of Quality at Crédit Foncier, August 2013.

Operational excellence: Pushing the limits of efficiency

N° 224, March 2012

Based on “Gartner Announces Rankings of its 2011 Supply Chain Top 25” by Christy Pettey and Holly Stevens (Gartner Newsroom, June 2011), Great by Choice by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen (Harper Business, October 2011), “The Theory of Everything in Operations: Achieving Operational Excellence through Interoperability and Improved Business Functions” by A.T. Kearney, winter 2011, and “2010 Operational Excellence survey of 65 executives in North America and Europe” by A.T. Kearney, 2010, “Après la relocalisation, Rossignol continue à investir en France” (AFP, November 2011), “Rossignol quitte Taiwan et revient au nid” by Alice Geraud (Libération, November 2010), and Rossignol relocalise” by Marie Herbert and Morgane Remy (L’Usine Nouvelle, September 2010).

Why Some Companies Succeed at Telecommuting … And Not Others

N° 218, July 2011

Based on “Companies Pay the Price for Inflexibility” by Rebecca Knight, The Financial Times Blogs, June 2011; et “Flex and the C-Suite: John Parry, CEO of Solix, Removes the Noise From the System” by Cali Williams Yost, FastCompany, March 2011, and the interview with Caroline Jessen, DRH, Cisco France, June 2011.

Green Efficiency

N° 207, June 2010

The integration of “green” into company strategy doesn’t mean sacrificing growth and profit—much the opposite! Based on Better Green Business by Eric G. OLSON, Wharton School Publishing (November 2009), and the interviews with Peter Williams, CTO, Big Green Innovations, IBM, and Anne-Laure Denis, corporate environment manager, bioMérieux, May 2010.

References : 67     Page : 7 / 7