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Gender Diversity and Business Performance

N° 211, November 2010

Decision-makers struggle to promote women to executive positions. But they stand to gain a great deal from using gender diversity to leverage performance—particularly in times of crisis. Based on “Womenomics 101 Survey” (20-first, October 2010), “Women Leaders, a Competitive Edge In and After the Crisis” (McKinsey & Company, September 2009), and “It Pays to Hire Women in Countries That Won’t”, by Jordan Siegel and Carmen Nobel (Harvard Business School, October 2010) and the interview with Karen Ferguson, executive vice president of global human resources and member of the executive committee, Schneider Electric, November 2010.

Letter to My Scandinavian Cousin

N° 208, July 2010

Questioning senior management, certain practices, continuing to lay your bets on high potentials ... HR management has to take risks, but how far should they go? A Contribution by Bruno Dufour, CrossKnowledge Senior Consultant and former Director of EMLYON, June 2010.

Japanese Management: Halfway between tradition and globalization

N° 155, September 2005

Although the globalization of business implies coherent managerial practices, national cultural specificities nevertheless call for tailoring, taking for example the Japanese evolution in management. Based on The Embedded Corporation, by Sanford M. Jacoby, Princeton University Press, 2005, and the interviews with Kimio Kase, professor of management at IESE, University of Navarre (Spain), and Thierry Moulonguet, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Renault.

References : 53     Page : 6 / 6