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Compétences du manager  :  Prendre une décision

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Keeping a Cool Head Under Pressure

N° 215, April 2011

The more chaotic and dangerous the situation, the calmer James Bond becomes. But maintaining calm and discernment within one's teams requires practice and experience.

Performance Under Pressure

N° 215, April 2011

Why do some people withstand pressure better than others? Because they have acquired the skills that allow them to limit its negative effects. Working on yourself and practicing make it possible to confront even the worst squalls with greater serenity.

Process Dodgers: Who They Are and How to Manage Them

N° 211, November 2010

Tools and established processes are supposed to be performance factors, but they often lead to paralysis instead. Hackers are those who know how to sidestep them to benefit the whole company. Based on Hacking Work by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein (Portfolio, September 2010) and the interviews with Gary Koelling, director of emerging platforms at Best Buy, and Kumar Sharma, former business solutions consultant at Infosys, IT services consultant in Bangalore (India), October 2010.

Head vs. Guts

N° 209, September 2010

Intuition alone can’t guide decision-making… A few tips to help you identify the situations where intuition is more than helpful, and those where it’s worse than a nuisance! Based on “Is Decision-Based Evidence Making Necessarily Bad?” by Peter M. Tingling and Michael J. Brydon, MIT Sloan Management Review, summer 2010 and “Strategic Decisions: When You Can Trust Your Guts”, an interview with Daniel Kahneman and Gary Klein, McKinsey Quarterly, March 2010.

The Trickle Down Impact of the Deliberate Pause

N° 208, July 2010

How did Jeffrey Saunders, CEO of the Saunders Hotel Group, develop a veritable culture of the break within his teams?

Pause for Creative Leadership Solutions

N° 208, July 2010

Knowing how to put the brakes on an impulse has saved Joyce Elam, of the University of Miami's School of Business, many difficulties.

Pause! Take a Deep Breath for Better Decision-Making

N° 208, July 2010

Taking a break while everything around you is accelerating is seldom the decision-maker’s first instinct. But many benefits hide behind the humble break! Based on The Power of Pause: How to Be More Effective in a Demanding 24/7 World, by Nance Guilmartin, Jossey-Bass, December 2009, and the interviews with Jeffrey Saunders, CEO of the Saunders Hotel Group, Boston, and Joyce J. Elam, executive dean of Florida International University (FIU) School of Business (Miami), June 2010.

Dare to Take the Right Risks

N° 205, March 2010

Leaders who know how to take the right risks at the right times are key drivers of business success. Based on an article by Mehdi Ramdani, Business Digest, March 2010, and the interviews with John Ranieri, VP DuPont BioMaterials, and with Scott McKelvey, head of Air Products’ Technology Growth Center (United States), March 2010.

References : 58     Page : 6 / 6