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Rethink your assessment practices to spot potential

N° 250, October 2014

Based on It’s Not the How or the What but the Who by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz (Harvard Business Review Press, June) and “Kill Your Performance Ratings” by David Rock, Josh Davis and Beth Jones (strategy+business, Fall 2014).

Social networks, gamification, mobility…. How new recruitment trends are shaking up HR

N° 240, October 2013

Based on “The New Résumé: It’s 140 Characters” by Rachel Emma Silverman and Lauren Weber (Wall Street Journal, April 2013), “Les techniques non-conventionnelles de recrutement” by Julien Tarby (Le Nouvel Economiste, April 2012), “Why the Job Search is Like ‘Throwing Paper Airplanes into the Galaxy’ ” (Knowledge@Wharton, February 2012), and “How Big Data is Playing Recruiter for Specialized Workers” by Matt Tichtel (The New York Times, April 2013).

A handbook on social and ethnic diversity

N° 236, May 2013

Based on “Global Diversity & Inclusion Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce” (Forbes Insight, July 2011); “We Approach Diversity the Wrong Way” by Lyz Ryan (Harvard Business Review, October 2012); “Tips: building diversity in your workplace” (ACCES Employment, September 2012); “Diversity as an Engine of Innovation” (Deloitte Review, 2011).

What can you do to retain restless younger employees?

N° 233, February 2013

Based on “Comment fidéliser la génération Y, SVP?” by Francis Boyer (JDN Management, 2012), “Profils-clés: les nouveaux ressorts de la fidélité” by Mathieu Neu (Nouvel Economiste, 2011), “Comment retenir les talents digitaux” by Gilles Wybo (Stratégies, 2012), and “2012–2013 Talent Management and Rewards Survey” (Towers Watson, 2012).

Why conviviality is a managerial asset

N° 228, July 2012

Based on, among others, The Great Workplace: How to Build It, How to Keep It and Why It Matters by Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin (Pearson, May 2011) and “Flipping the switch: who is responsible for getting employees to take a break?” (Knoweldge@Wharton, February 2012).

Gender diversity is men’s business too!

N° 228, July 2012

Based on, among others, the JUMP Forum (Paris, 24 May 2012) and the Forum Européen Diversité (Paris, 3 July 2012), “Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: What Change Agents Need to Know,” by Jeanine Prime and Corinne A. Moss-Racusin (Catalyst 2009) and an interview with Frank McCloskey, retired vice president of Diversity & Inclusion (2000 – 2010), Georgia Power, June 2012.

When work hurts

N° 228, July 2012

Based on “Wellness is the Responsibility of Business as Well as Worker” by Ellen Galinsky (, September 2009); “Investing in workforce health generates higher productivity” (, November 2011); “Sitting all day: worse for you than you might think” by Patti Neighmond (, April 2011) and “Quel est l’état de santé des salariés en France en 2010?” “What is the state of employee health in France in 2010?”, a Sociovision survey for Malakoff Médéric (December 2010).

Why not help staff flip the “off ” switch?

N° 228, July 2012

Based on “Flipping the switch: who is responsible for getting employees to take a break?” (Knoweldge@Wharton, February 2012) and “Overcome your work addiction” by Leslie A. Perlow (Harvard Business Review, May 2012).

Generations C, Y, X, and baby boomers: Strengthening intergenerational collaboration

N° 227, June 2012

Based on, among others, “How HR Can Assist in Managing the Four Generations in Today’s Workplace” by Lynn Liber (Employment Relations Today, winter 2010), “How Social Technologies Drive Business Success”, “European Survey Results” (Google and MillwardBrown, May 2012), “Three Strategies to Build Collaboration Across Generations” by Deborah Mackin (American Management Association, Autumn 2011) and “Supervising an intergenerational work force” by Robert D. Ramsey (Supervision, October 2011) and the interview with Gabrielle Leclerc, head of recruitment and skill development at Blueprint Services, May 2012.

The skills gap

N° 227, June 2012

Based on “Help wanted: The future of work in advanced economies,” by the McKinsey Global Institute (March 2012); “Start Filling Your Talent Gap – Now,” by Alan Bird, Lori Flees, and Paul DiPaola (Business Strategy Review, March 2010), “Getting more from your training programs,” by Aaron DeSemet, Monica McGurk, and Elizabeth Schwartz (McKinsey Quarterly, October 2010); “Gamification: Three Ways To Use Gaming For Recruiting, Training, and Health & Wellness,” by Jeanne Meister (Forbes, May 2012) and the Interview with Srikantan Moorthy, senior vice president and group head, Education and Research (E&R), Infosys Limited, May 2012.

References : 52     Page : 4 / 6