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How to unplug and take a vacation (yes, even you)

N° 278, July 2017

Based on an interview with Gil Gordon, author of Turn It Off : How to Unplug From the Anytime-Anywhere Office Without Disconnecting Your Career (June 2017), “The Professional’s Guide to a Stress-Free Vacation” by Carolyn O’Hara (Harvard Business Review, 14 August 2014), “3 Negative Messages You Send Your Boss When You Don’t Disconnect While on Vacation” by Michel Theriault (Forbes, 4 May 2017) and “The Right Way to Unplug When You’re on Vacation” by Alexandra Samuel (Harvard Business Review, 15 july 2014).

The automation of knowledge work: What will your job be tomorrow?

N° 249, September 2014

Based on, among other, The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies by Erik Brynjolfsson ad Andrew McAfee (W.W. Norton & Company, January 2014), “Hong Kong VC firm appoints robot to its board by Aviva Gat (Geektime, May 2014) and “Deep Knowledge Venture’s Appoints Intelligent Investment Analysis Software VITAL as Board Member (PRWEB, May 2014).

The Digital Revolution, according to Gilles Babinet

N° 249, September 2014

Based on L’ère numérique, un nouvel âge pour l’humanité, cinq mutations qui vont bouleverser nos vies by Gilles Babinet (Le Passeur, February 2014).

Are you ready for the third industrial revolution?

N° 232, December 2012

Based on The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin (LLL, February 2012); Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson (Crown Business, October 2012); and “The time of spin-offs” (“Le temps des spin-off”) by Patrick Arnoux (Le Nouvel Economiste, November 2012), and the interviews with Stéphanie Tramicheck, Etsy country manager France, and Dr. Harish Hande, founder and Managing Director, SELCO India.

New Business Models: Draw Inspiration From Social Entrepreneurs

N° 193, February, 2009

What explains the succes of social entrepreneurs and how to follow their example? Based on the book by John Elkington et Pamela Hartigan, The Power of Unreasonable People, Harvard Business Press, February 2008 and the interviews with Emmanuel Marchant, executive vice-president of danone.communities (France) and Vikram Akula, CEO and founder of SKS Microfinances (India) February 2009.

Managing Religious Practices in the Workplace: the Case of Islam

N° 187, July-August 2008

A woman who wears a headscarf applies for a position in a cosmetics firm; an executive leaves a meeting to go and say his prayers. These are the types of situations facing companies that are willing to embrace diversity! What should be done in such circumstances? Based on ‘Managing Workplace Secularity’, a professional conference held on 25 April 2008 and organized by Dynamique Diversité (dynamic diversity).

References : 6