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What can you learn from activists about leading change?

N° 275, April 2017

Based on “How Protests Become Successful Social Movements” by Greg Satell and Srdja Popovic (Harvard Business Review, 27 January 2017), “How Activists Shape Business and Corporate Strategy”, based on an interview with Panikos Georgallis (Knowledge@HEC, 7 June 2017), “CANVAS Core Curriculum: A Guide to Effective Nonviolent Struggle” by Srdja Popovic, Slobodan Djinovic, Andrej Milivojevic, Hardy Merriman and Ivan Marovic (Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, Belgrade, 2007).

How can digital technologies transform your leadership?

N° 260, October 2015

Based on The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation by Charlene Li (Wharton Digital Press, 2015). And a interview with with Marc Lewitanski , vice president and general director, CoSpirit MediaTrack, September, 2015.

How do leaders emerge in digital communities?

N° 255, April 2015

Based on an interview with Sri Kudaravalli and his article “Leading Knowledge Collaboration in Online Communities,” co-written with S. Faraj and M. Wasko (forthcoming in MIS Quarterly); an interview with Kristof Coussement and his article “Identification of Market Mavens on Social Media” co-written with Paul Harrigan, Tim Daly, Julie Lee and Geoff Soutar.

Wielding influence to advance company strategy

N° 225, April 2012

Based on L’influence ou les guerres secrètes : de la propagande à la manipulation by Eric Delbecques (Vuibert, November 2011); Le guide de l’influence by Vincent Ducrey (Eyrolles, March 2010); “Pillars of the New Influence” by David Armano (Harvard Business Review, January 2011); Orchestrer la rumeur : Rival, concurrent, ennemi… comment s’en débarrasser (Orchestrating rumors: how to get rid of rivals, competitors, and enemies) by Laurent Gaildraud (Eyrolles, February 2012) and the interview with Ludovic François, affiliate professor at HEC Paris, March 2012

Increase your influence

N° 225, April 2012

Based on “Reinventing Office Politics” by Gill Corkindale (Harvard Business Review, 2007), “Stop Avoiding Office Politics” by Linda Hill and Kent Lineback (Harvard Business Review, 2011), “Career Moves: How to Win the Office Politics Game” by April Dykman (Forbes, 2011), “Vote de confiance” by Martine Roux (Jobboom Magazine, 2010), and “Jeu de pouvoir en enterprise et triangle dramatique de Karpman” by Karine Aubry (Kolibri Coaching, 2012).

Speeding Up: Know How to Use Urgency to Get Your Organization Moving Faster

N° 192, January 2009

How to initiate change by instilling a sense of urgency? Based on A Sense of Urgency by John P. Kotter (Harvard Business Press, September 2008) and the interviews with Richard Boyatzis, professor at Case Western Reserve University (USA), and Bret Skousen, director of employee & organizational development, Black & Decker HHI (USA), January 2009.

Social Intelligence: a Winning Bet

N° 191, September 2008

Do you think kindness and smiles are unessential in the work place? Think again. Based on “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership” by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, Harvard Business Review, September 2008.

How to Avoid Conflict Within Your Team?

N° 189, October 2008

Under conditions of stress, teams often succumb to conflict, allowing personal differences to detract from overall goals. How to avoid relationship meltdown? Based on Divide or Conquer, How Great Teams Turn Conflict Into Strength, Diana McLain Smith, Portfolio, May 2008.

Do You Know How to Put On the Right ‘Performance’ to Exert Greater Influence?

N° 189, October 2008

Rémi Englebrecht looks back on an experience that took place in the mountains that put his supervisory skills. Based on chapter 3 of Faire la Trace : sept leçons de haute montagne à l’usage des managers, (taking steps: seven mountaineering lessons for managers), Rémi Engelbrecht, Pearson, Village Mondial, 2008 ; and on an interview with author, Business Digest, September 2008.

References : 9