Image de couverture Interview with Chris Harper, Chief Operating Officer, Meridian Restaurants Unlimited, L.C.

Learning from failure: cultural transformation at Meridian Restaurants

N° 284, March 2018

3 years ago, Meridian Restaurants came last in their industry rankings. Today, they are one of the top-rated franchisors in America across all metrics including speed of service and customer satisfaction. What changed? They built a culture of learning from failure.

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Neo-generalists: the dawn of hybrid profiles

Cover image N° 284, March 2018

Based on The Neo-Generalist: Where You Go Is Who You Are, by Kenneth Mikkelsen et Richard Martin (LID Publishing, 2016), “Why 2016 Is the Year of the Hybrid Job” by Stephanie Vozza (Fast Company, 15 March 2016), “Hybrid Jobs: Advantages and Challenges” by Melissa Trocko (, 19 February 2015) and “Hybrid Jobs Call for Hybrid Education” by Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern University (Harvard Business Review, 12 April 2016) and an interview with Jane Basson Chief of Staff to the CEO, Airbus Group, (February 2018)


When pressure on managers results in misleading data

N° 283, February 2018

Based on an interview with João Vieira da Cunha and the article “Middle Managers and Corruptive Routine Translation: The Social Production of Deceptive Performance”, co-signed with Niki den Nieuwenboer and Linda Klebe Treviño (Organization Science, October 2017).