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5 digital tools designed to empower you

N° 281, November 2017

The race for your attention is a hidden agenda guiding the design of the majority of new technologies. But a select few are devoted to a different ethic: one of truly serving your best interests. Here are 5 apps and services designed to help you protect what’s at risk in the current attention economy: your ability to think clearly and be productive.

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Why give your attention away?

Cover image N° 281, November 2017

Based on, among others, The Attention Merchants: The Epic Struggle to Get in Our Heads'', by Tim Wu (Knopf, October 2016)

How can you optimize your efficiency when time is short?

Cover image N° 281, November 2017

Based on The Productivity Project: Proven ways to become more awesome by Chris Bailey (Piatkus, 2016) ; Extreme Focus: Fast Focus; Manage your Day to Day, Master your attention and Ignore distractions by James Miller (September 2017), and an interview with Johan Jansson, senior business consultant at Spotify (Sweden, October 2017).


Design your workspace to boost efficiency

N° 281, November 2017

Based on an interview with Gaël Allain, Doctor of cognitive psychology and Scientific Director of My Mental Energy Pro.