Cover image From Chen Ma, Strategy Manager at Baidu

Baidu: securing the present, preparing for the future

N° 279, September 2017

How has Baidu, in the space of just 15 years, transformed from an outsider among Chinese search engines into one of the digital world’s principle players, with $10 billion in profits? The answer is a growth strategy based on a constantly repositioning business model as well as breakthrough innovations to prepare for the growth of tomorrow.

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How to deploy in the present AND prepare for the future

Cover image N° 279, September 2017

Based on Dual Transformation: How to Reposition Today’s Business While Creating the Future by Scott Anthony, Clark Gilbert and Mark Johnson (Harvard Business Review Press, 2017), a contribution of Bruno Faucher, Management consultant and CEO of Intuitu Novae, and an interview with Chen Ma, Strategy Manager at Baidu.

Leading agile teams in complex environments

Cover image N° 279, September 2017

Based on One Mission, How leaders build a team of team by Chris Fussell, with C.W. Goodyear (Portfolio, juin 2017).


Spontaneous, efficient, and measurable: 3 good reasons to leverage social learning

N° 279, September 2017

Based on “Is your company encouraging employees to share what they know?” by Christopher Myers (Harvard Business Review, April 2017), “It’s the company’s job to help employees learn”, by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Mara Swan (Harvard Business Review, July 2016), “The employee experience is the future of work: 10 HR trends for 2017”, by Jeanne Meister (Forbes, January 2017).